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Ceilidh, a social event with Dancing, Music and Song

A Ceilidh is an event that will be remembered by everyone who attends, a fun event, that everyone can enjoy.  No need to be an expert as the caller guides you through the dance.  You can enjoy the evening even if it is your first time, in fact it is sometimes more enjoyable if you don’t quite get it right.  Guaranteed laughs  and happy faces throughout the event.

The video is of a Ceilidh organised by Folkle’s Suzanne with a group of players from a monthly music session at the Hawk, Hasslington, Cheshire. (Hence, Hawkestra).  Suzanne led us all with the music and Glynne was also playing in the band.  All the folkle trio have played for ceilidhs.  Folkle can organise for you a ceilidh to suit your venue and needs. The minimum band (and price) would include Folkle with a Caller probably Richard Lloyd and the band size could be increased with other members of Hawkestra.  If you wish to enquire about a Ceilidh please contact Glynne Davies   0161 355 3052