Clennell Hall Music Sessions Weekend
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Blood Bikes Charity CD Ballad of George and Maude.mp3

6.  Ballad of George and Maude   Barry Jones

17. Who will blow the candle out  Glynne Davies (Folkle)

Blow the candle out.mp3

3.  Brian Boru’s March             Kelvin Leathem (Ragtag)

Brian Borus March.mp3

18. A Fire at Midnight           Keith Blackburn

Fire at Midnight.mp3

4.  Jenny Gray’s Whisky                Bookends

Jenny Grays.mp3

7.  John Ball                           Dave Minikin (Beeswing) (Beeswing

John Ball.mp3

12. Lock Keeper                   Geordie Rosenthal

Lock Keeper.mp3

5.  Stuttering Seaman                             Jeff Stewart

Stuttering Seaman Cyril.mp3

2.  Sun on the Crow’s Wing         Susan Rowley

Sun on the crows wing.mp3

8.  The Moth                               Penny Excell

The Moth.mp3 Sleeping Beauty.mp3 10. Sleeping Beauty               David Kilpatrick Snows they melt.mp3 9.  Snows They Melt The Soonest     Karin Grandal-Park 13. If Tomorrow Never Comes                       Sue West The Foggy Dew.mp3 11. The Foggy Dew                Tracy and Eddie (Traced) dont think twice.mp3 1.  Don’t Think Twice                              Glynne Davies The Blood Bikes Charity CD  has 18 Tracks and Plays for 75 Minutes  The master is complete, Just printing and Production to go.  Launch date at the ‘Lets Make Music’ Weekend 28th, 29th, 30th January 2022 Wow! This is so Special.  Thanks to all who have donated their Music If Tomorrow Never Comes.mp3 When The Rains Pour.mp3 14. When the Rains Pour             John Williams Ride On.mp3 15. Ride On                              Dee and Graham (Dplus) Romany Love.mp3

16. Romany Love                          Natalie Bays

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